Public policy memo writing assignment

A typical memo may include the following sections: Summarize why the outcomes of maintaining the status quo are preferable to any alterative policy options. Claiming he was duty-bound 'to expose evil when confronted with sin,' the employee posted several scriptural quotations in large typeface at his work cubicle.

GI Bill is a registered trademark of the U. Political Science and Politics 44 January It does not apply to doctoral programs. The distribution and posting of literature defined broadly and of a personal naturemessages or religious passages in the workplace.

Proofreading the Memo Problems to Avoid The style and arrangement of an effectively written memo can differ because no two policies, nor their intended audience of readers, are exactly the same. In particular, ask yourself if each of your recommendations are realistic, feasible, and sustainable, and in particular, that they can be implemented within the current bureaucratic, economic, political, cultural, or other type of contextual climate in which they reside.

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. Please send all files to me — jim. Anticipate the reader's questions -- examine your recommended courses of action and identify any open-ended, declarative, or ambiguous statements that could lead the reader to have to ask further questions.

Can we perform research on a potential employee's private life at the time of hiring. However, if you have a lot of information, don't write a five page memo and include twenty pages of appendices.

Assignments: Policy Memo

As with any non-textual elements, describe what the reader is seeing and why the data is important to understanding the research problem. You have recently been hired by Data Management Consultants — a growing electronic networking firm. The considerations section provides findings, analyses, pros and cons, options, and arguments that lead the reader to the recommendation or an advisable response to the issue statement at the beginning of the memo.

But again, if your assignment is to only use scholarly sources, then you will probably want to avoid magazines and popular web sites. For example, if putting together an extensive annotated bibliography for stem cell research, it might be best to divide the sources into categories such as ethical concerns, scholarly analyses, and political ramifications.

For more information, contact your academic advisor. Stylish prose is key to good memo writing, and you should not hesitate to use active, interpretive adverbs and verbs and concrete, carefully chosen adjectives and nouns.

Summarize your main points in a few sentences, then conclude with a description of how the remainder of the memo is organized. In the benefits enrollment memo model, the second paragraph might explain the reason(s) for the change in benefits, and inform the readers of how the changes may (or may not) affect them.

A memo’s final paragraph should clearly state the specific action(s) that the readers need to take. Using the following Memorandum format, write a public policy official of your choosing about the issue you select. Your memorandum outlines talking points for an upcoming interview between the official and a Washington Post reporter.

MEMORANDUM To: A Public Policy Official From: John Doe Date: September 9, Subject: The subject. You should not approach writing a policy memo like you would an academic research paper.

Yes, there are certain commonalities in how the content is presented [e.g., a well-written problem statement], but the overarching objective of a policy memo is not to discover or create new knowledge. Applicants often ask us to provide some guidance in writing a policy memo. Steve Frakt, WWS writing advisor, has been advising WWS undergraduate and graduate students for the past 17 years.

Steve meets with students one-on-one during his office hours to. Policy Memos Guidelines from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Writing a Policy Memo

Policy Memo Writing policy memos. From the Writing Studio at Duke University. A Public Policy Guide to Style for Authors of Policy Memos, Theses, and Reports. The Human Embryonic Stem Cell Debate: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy.

Boston: MIT P, Boston: MIT P, This is the annotation of the above source, which is formatted according to MLA (8 th ed.) guidelines for the bibliographic information listed above.

Public policy memo writing assignment
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